May 23, 2016 Sibt Ali

Five Reasons, One Cause

Five Reasons, One Cause

For Islam Awareness Week (IAW) this year, we’ll be exploring the theme of ‘ONE’. Through our activities, we hope to help people from all walks of life think about their faith and where they stand in modern society. We will work to promote the essence of the message which is one of justice and equity between people. We are committed to standing together to combat prejudice and bigotry towards people of all faiths and none. We stand firm in the face of hate crime including all forms of anti-Muslim discrimination and anti-Semitism, and we reject the violence that divides our own communities. We owe it to each other to make the world a better place together. And such a message spans generations, eras and Prophets that have gone by.

There is no better time to get involved with IAW and contribute to making a real difference. Our job is to show that we can live a reconciled life with our diverse identities and beliefs. That is the beauty of our shared world.

There are plenty of wonderful activities you can take part in during the week, including volunteering at a food bank, setting up a ‘Dine @ Mine’ event, inviting people to your mosque or holding an afternoon tea!

Why You Should Get Involved with Islam Awareness Week (IAW)

1. We are one: It’s a chance to remind people that we are united and interweaved in the fabric of British society. We are at home and we are one.

2. Get neighbourly: We know how important it is to look after our neighbours, but imagine what a difference it could make in the local area if we took the initiative to really speak to the people around us and offer them an authentic source of information.

3. Open up the conversation: Taking part in IAW will generate an open dialogue between people of all faiths and none, and allow people to learn about what we really believe in.

4. Think positive: Countering unsavoury disproportional headlines by celebrating our history and achievements.

5. Be custodians: By working with the understanding that we belong to one planet, we can work to heal its wounds and fulfil our duties as custodians of the earth.

So here’s your chance to get involved with IAW and make your mark. Take a look at our resource packs or contact us for more information.

We are one family, one community, one humanity, thriving on one planet, and we are at our strongest when we transcend our differences.