IAW has received high profile support from politicians and celebrities with the bulk of the work carried out by volunteers who organise dinners, coffee mornings, lectures, concerts, mosque open days, tree planting, inter faith events, community volunteering and film shows – to name a few. IAW aims to create a better awareness of Islam in our society by involving everyone throughout Britain, irrespective of creed to come forward and join hands in practical efforts to build bridges within communities. These volunteers are the back bone of IAW. The excellent work done by them was acknowledged in 2005 when IAW received an award for Excellence in community relations from the Muslim News Awards.

Why not get involved? There are many things that you can do wherever you are, just take a look at the Resources section on our website. So, however you can contribute, whether it’s by finding out what is happening locally and supporting it, or setting up your own Islam Awareness Week event it all helps to make a difference!

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